Hello.  My Name is Matthew.  I am attorney in Southern California.  I genuinely enjoy my profession and the work I do.  But this blog will focus on my other passions in life; nutrition, adventures, fitness, and living a healthy life.

I cook all my meals on Sunday.  The great majority of the time I make 2 dinner meals (3 meals each) and one lunch meal (6 meals) I keep a day open during the week as a cheat day.  My meal plan follows a gluten free/paleo-esque type diet.  I also veer towards having a raw diet.  Each of my meals are simple and healthy and preserve well in the fridge for up to a week.

Aside from my fitness and nutrition, I am an experienced backpacker.  The majority of my backpacking trips take place in California’s National Parks.  I sincerely enjoy backcounty hiking and finding secluded locations with beautiful vistas.  To me, nothing in the world compares to waking up in the morning and opening my tent door to raw, secluded wilderness.  It is my tranquility.

I also enjoy photography and consider myself an avid amateur photographer.  I genuinly enjoy improving my photography skills and trying new things in the field.  All of the images on this blog are from my camera.