Clermont Street Stairs – Los Angeles Hidden Stairs.


Total Steps: 154

Stair-running is my favorite High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout.  When it comes to HIIT I prefer to be outdoors and in my opinion there is no better option than running stairs.  I run stairs every Sunday morning before meal prep.  It is my weekly HIIT workout. Los Angeles has a wealth of stair running options.  Many of them, like these Clermont Street Stairs, are not well publicized and considered “secret” or “hidden stairs”.  Clermont Street Stairs live up to that title as the dozen or so times I have run these stairs, I have yet to be joined by another stair-running enthusiast.

The stairs are in a secluded residential area on a steep Mount Washington hillside.  They are well shaded and there are homes lining both sides of the stairs.  The views of Glassell Park hills is fine, but by no means the best views I have experienced running stairs in LA County.  Overall, these stairs are a great option if you are looking for seclusion with a demanding and steep incline.

The crossroads of the stairs are: CANON CREST AVE & CLERMONT ST LOS ANGELES, CA 90065

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I decided to take my drone with me last Sunday to capture a better view of the stairs and me running them.




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  1. Hey Matt! Love the blog. I’m curious, what does your typical HIIT stair workout consist of?

    1. Hey bud, depending on the amount of steps, I do multiple sets with the rest period of the HIIT being the walking down. So the work out consists of: 1) Run up at full speed; 2) walk down at a relaxed pace; 3) immediately upon reaching the bottom, I start a new set. These stairs are pretty steep and have 154 steps so I usually do 8-7 sets.

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