Meal Prep – Turkey and Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers, Bison Chili, Honey Sesame Chicken Bowls.

Sunday Meal Prep: This healthy meal prep included my standard 2 dinner meals (3 meals each)  and 1 lunch meal (5 meals).  This meal prep is gluten free and paleo-esque.  None of the meals include added sugar or salt.  Quinoa is featured heavily in this meal prep as it is included in each of the three meals.  I used my Instantpot for the bison chili, but if you don’t have an Instantpot or pressure cooker, the recipe can be made using a slow cooker.  This meal prep was very simple and took me about three hours.  I hope you enjoy.



  1. Turkey and Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers — Served with roasted orange cauliflower and a chickpea/carrot salad.
  2. Bison Chili — Served with quinoa and roasted golden beets.
  3. Honey Sesame Chicken — Served with Broccoli, Asparagus, and Quinoa.



TOTAL: $76.30
Items already in pantry or not purchased with Amazon Fresh(not purchased): Bison, garlic, ginger, olive oil, sesame oil, cornstarch, Chickpeas and several spices. 


As I do with every meal prep that calls for quinoa or a grain, I get that started first since it requires a good amount of idle cook time.  So with this meal prep, I first started cooking 4 cups of quinoa.  I also cubed the chicken breasts and started to marinate them in the fridge.  Next, I did all the chopping, slicing, and dicing of the cauliflower, beets, and onion. I then started roasting the beets and cauliflower at the same time at 425 degrees for 25 minutes.  Once the labor intensive chopping/slicing part was done and I had all the idle cooking going, I decided to do the Instantpot meal first since that too requires a small amount of idle time while the pot is gaining pressure.  While Instantpot was gaining pressure and cooking, I prepared the turkey/quinoa peppers (by then the quinoa was ready) and got them in the over. Overall time was around 3 hours, but like always, I enjoyed a beer and the cooking experience and took my time.


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